Trixie Model 55962 Chicken Coop

Today we will review Trixie Model 55962 Chicken Coop.  Is this a good model for me?   Will it work with my chickens?

TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with a View Model #55962

Trixie Model 55962 Chicken Coop. Trixie pet products chicken coop with a view

Trixie Model 55962 Chicken Coop. Trixie pet products chicken coop with a view

Trixie Model 55962 Chicken Coop Features

  • For 2 standard sized chickens or 4 bantams
  • Egg laying and nesting house with hinged roof and removable divider
  • Sleeping house with hinged roof and removable roosting pole
  • Wood paneling below protects against sun and wind
  • Expandable with optional outdoor run item 55965
  • Composite asphalt shingles
  • weatherproof finish
  • 1 year warranty



The Trixie Model 55962 Chicken Coop is well suited for the hobby farmer.  It arrives in 2 boxes that weigh a total of about 79 pounds.  Assembly is pretty straight forward, however the directions have a lot to be desired.   Only having 6 pictures was not really adequate.  But you can put it together in 1-2 hours if you have average handyman skills.   A screwgun really speeds up assembly time.   Most of the panels are already assembled, so it just a matter of building with the pre-made panels.

My first impression was “it is a lot smaller than I had imagined.”  So you want to pay attention to the size.   These Trixie model chicken coops are not as big as they look in the pictures.   That is fine if you want a small coop, but it does limit expansion.   The overall size is 69 x 31 x 42 inches.   There is an optional outdoor run expansion available which will increase the size considerably.

2 -Story design allows your birds roam.   The mesh door opening is about 12 x 22 inches and the wood door that can be closed to restrict access is about 12 x 12 inches.   Closing the wood door to restrict access is probably not something you would want to do every day as you have to get down on your hands and knees to reach in and do it.  There should be a way to do this that would be easier.

Trixie Model 55962 Chicken Coop.


TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with a View Model #55962

Can also be used as a brooding box.   Just close the door and use only the top nesting portion.  Once the chicks grow enough the door can be opened to allow further coop access.   Chicks will enjoy the room to roam as they go up and down the ramp.  Once old enough they can be let out in the yard or the optional outdoor run.

The Trixie Model 55962 Chicken Coop Trixie pet products chicken coop with a view

The removable tray provides easy access to clean out which is something you will want to do on a regular basis.


Add on TRIXIE Pet Products Outdoor Run with Mesh Cover 

Trixie pet products outdoor run


The optional outdoor run will add a lot of room to your coop.  This may be an option worth looking into especially if you are not going to allow your chickens to free roam.   Patio stepping stones work good as a base if you do not have a nice grassy area to set this.  Patio stones can be hosed off with a hose for cleaning.  However, it would make the coop a more permanent coop as moving would be hard to do with the patio stones in place.   Another alternative would be to put hardware mesh on the bottom especially if you have problems with other animals trying to get in.  But for the most part the coop seems to be secure.   The only weak link would be the latches on the door.  These are rather flimsy so you may want to upgrade them to ones more secure.


  • Nice attractive coop that looks nice in your yard.
  • Seems to be sturdy once put together
  • Room for 2 full size chickens or 4 bantams
  • Easy to assemble with basic hand tools
  • Easy to clean pull out trays


  • Hardware is sub-standard and rust very fast
  • Latch does not seem secure for curious animals
  • Some damage to dowels during shipping, so have wood glue handy
  • It is solid wood, but the wood seems kind of soft
  • Roosting bar is not secure , so for bigger birds it may need modification


The Trixie Model 55962 Chicken Coop overall is a nice coop that will do the job intended for a few birds.  You should plan on upgrading the hinges and latches to ones more secure and more suitable for outdoor weather.  Brass may be an option here, and would solve the rust problem.

Trixie Model 55962 Chicken Coop

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