Trixie Model 55961 Chicken Coop

Trixie Pet Products Natura Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run

Is this a good model?   Will it work for my chickens?  Today we will review Trixie Model 55961 Chicken Coop.

 Trixie Model 55961 Chicken Coop

Trixie Model 55961 Chicken Coop Trixie pet products chicken coop with outdoor run


  • Holds 2 Standard sized chickens or 4 bantams.   Will accommodate more if allowed to free roam.
  • Sleeping house with hinged roof and removable roosting pole.
  • Nesting house with hinged roof and removable divider.
  • Sliding door at top of ramp to restrict access.
  • Wood paneling below protects against wind and sun.

The Trixie Model 55961 Chicken Coop is well suited for the hobby farmer.   With the emphasis on the word hobby.    My first impression was that it is a lot smaller than it looks in the picture.   When they say it will hold 2 standard sized chickens, they mean it.  You are not going to run a poultry farm in this thing, that is for sure.   So please pay attention to the size.  The overall size is about 68 x 30 x 41 inches.  If you are wanting to raise a few [2] birds for eggs, this should work rather well.  It also works well for brooding chicks.  It will hold quite a few chicks as they are growing.   The ramp is too slick for chicks to climb up, so you will need to modify it a little for this purpose.  We found if you take one of those granular adhesive strips that they use to provide traction on standard steps and cut it in half they will fit nicely on the ramp.  This provided traction for the small chicks to go up and down the ramp.

The Trixie Model 55961 Chicken Coop  is affordable with the prices coming in at a reasonable retail price of 379.99 sale price of 199.85.


Trixie Model 55961 Chicken Coop Assembly

It goes together rather easy.   A person with average handyman skills should be able to put this together in about 1-2 hours.  A hammer and screw driver is really all you need for assembly.  A screw gun makes it go much faster though. The directions, as with a lot of these, has a lot to be desired.   Seems like something was lost in the translation.  The pictures are helpful and most people should be able to figure it out.

  • Arrived in 2 boxes by UPS and weighs about 73 pounds total.
  • Made out of color glazed pine not cedar which can be hazardous to chickens.
  • You might want to have some wood glue handy to fix any damage that may have. happened in transit.   A pulled out board was easily fixed with some wood glue.
  • The hardware is a little lame, so a trip to the hardware store to upgrade the latch and hinges.   The latch the bolt did not seem long enough, so a longer bolt may be needed for better security.  Hinges rusted fast, so brass hinges should last longer.
  • Assembly could be done by yourself, but an extra hand is helpful at certain points of assembly.
  • The panels are marked for ease of assembly and the panels are put together already which makes it nice.
  • Wire is hardware cloth and appears to be 1/2 inch square which is much stronger and safer than chicken wire.  It will keep even the small animals from getting in the coop.

Trixie Model 55961 Chicken Coop TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run


Very easy access to the nesting boxes for egg collection.    The whole lid lifts up which provides great access.   The box has a removable divider.  So you can have one big nesting box if 2 are not needed.   Also has a roosting bar that is removable.

TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run4


Cleaning tray is easily removed which makes it easy to keep clean.

 Trixie Model 55961 Chicken Coop TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run5


  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice size if you want a small coop
  • Sliding door to restrict access
  • Nice secure hardware cloth [fencing]
  • 2 people can move it


  • Size can be a pro or con.  It is rather small.  So if you want a big coop, this is not the one for you
  • Had to upgrade the hardware.  Should not have to do that.  It is a small expense, but it would be nice if the hardware was a little better
  • May need to put wire on the bottom as a big animal could probably lift up or crawl under the coop and gain access
  • Assembly instructions could be better



They can also be customized to suit your needs.   Want an easily movable coop on wheels?  Below is a link to one modified and painted and it looks real nice.

The Trixie Coop painted and converted into a chicken tractor


Below is an occupied coop so you can get an idea of the size

Trixie Model 55961 Chicken Coop TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run

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