R-Com Mini EZ Scope package Incubator Review

R-Com mini and EZ Scope incubator package  Incubator Review

R-Com mini and EZ Scope incubator package

R-Com Mini

Product Features

  • R-Com Mini (3-Egg Incubator) – menu-driven, fully automatic pre-set plug-and-go technology
  • R-Com Mini (3-egg) Incubator (comes standard with a 3-egg tray that accommodates 3 eggs up to hen egg size)
  • Simply choose between one of the 5 settings (chicken, duck, pheasant, quail or mystery bird – to be programmed) and the micro-controller holds the correct temperature, turning and length of incubation with no further input from the user.
  • The EZ Scope allows you to easily inspect the development of eggs without risky handling high brightness LED
  • The EZ Scope allows you to view the incubation process on your computer with your existing web camera (note: web camera is not included)

R-Com Mini

R-com Mini Incubator Review

An absolute perfect incubator for those whom don’t have the time to check and turn your eggs, it is so amazing it really is so advanced you can just press a button, and come back in 21 days and take the chicks out. Just press the button for egg-inspection!

The R-com mini is a great incubator, and does a  wonderful job hatching.  Hatch rates are between 90-100 percent.  If you use the automatic egg turner , you hatch rates should be close to 100 percent.  It has an alarm that tells you when  you are low on water, or when the temperature is not right.

Ez scope

The Ezscope feature is just fabulous.  It makes this model perfect for the classroom.  You can set it up to watch the chicks grow from a laptop or computer.  An instant hit with the kids and a great teaching tool.R-Com Mini web camera

The R-com Mini is a great incubator, there was only one area of concern.

  • Low capacity


It only holds 3 chicken eggs, so it would be considered an education incubator.  Which is exactly what it is.  So if you want to teach embryology  it will be perfect for that.  If you want to raise a few chicks and educate your children at the same time, this will work well.  However, if you want to start a chicken farm, you may want a larger model as it would take a long time with this one.


We give this model a 5 star rating, with the one concern noted on low capacity

R-Com mini and EZ Scope incubator package

  • Features         

  • Construction      Low capacity

  • Affordability   

  • Hatch-ability    

  • Visibility         

Youtube video showing egg turn

R-Com Pro Mini and EZ Scope


2.9 out of 5 stars (11 customer reviews)

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