Plastic Chicken Coop Kits

An exciting new concept in coops is the plastic chicken coop kits.  These kits go together super easy and are maintenance free.  Say goodbye to painting or staining and hello to a super easy to clean chicken coop.   These coops are made with thick plastic that is a lot like the child play houses you see.   These light weight coops offer many advantages over a wood coop.

Plastic chicken coop kits

Easy Assembly of Plastic Chicken Coop Kits

Plastic chicken coop kits are the easiest of all chicken coops to assemble.  Most go together with no tools.  Assembly takes about an hour on average, which is just crazy fast.     They are also very easy to move as they are so light.  They weigh about 1/2 as much as a comparable wood coop.  Being plastic there is no splitting wood.  There is no warping either.  Many times a wood coop will look good when you build it, only to degrade at a fast pace from being exposed to the weather.   These new plastic chicken coop kits solve all these problems.

Plastic chicken coop kits


 Benefits of a Plastic Coop

  • No painting
  • No staining
  • Can be pressure washed to clean
  • Can be taken apart and reassembled
  • Most have UV resistance built in
  • Very high curb appeal

Cleaning can be a pain with wood coops.  If you use water it can soak in the wood and cause you all kinds of problems from humidity issues to mold growth issues.  With a plastic coop this is not a problem.  Cleaning is done with a hose or pressure washer and they clean up nice.  Mites are a thing of the past too as plastic will help your chickens to be healthier.

Check out our plastic coop review at the link below for a more in depth review of particular plastic coop models.   Will this type of coop work for you?

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