Pawhut Deluxe Wood Chicken Coop

Pawhut Deluxe Wood Chicken Coop Reviews

Pawhut Deluxe Wood Chicken Coop  Hen House Review

Pawhut Deluxe Wood Chicken Coop Model 1318 Features

  • Made of Cedar good or bad?
  • Easy kit assembly
  • Hinged nesting box
  • Sliding access door
  • Slide out dropping tray for easy cleaning
  • All wood construction

Pawhut Deluxe Wood Chicken Coop Mode 1318l is an all wood chicken coop.   Seems smaller in person than it does in the pictures.   Holds 2-4 chickens.   2 of the larger breeds and up to 4 of the smaller breeds.   The coop is very easy to assemble with only a screw driver needed for assembly.  The overall size is about 48″ W x 32 1/8″ D x 43″ H, so it is a smaller coop.

Cedar:  Good or Bad

The coop is made out of cedar, which can be the best thing in the world or the worst thing.  It all depends who you talk too.   It is true that chickens can have respiratory problems when inhaling cedar dust.   However,as far as something built with cedar.I think the risk is minimal.  Cedar holds up very well in the weather, which is why people like to use it in outdoor projects.   There is a big difference in building with cedar and using cedar bedding.  Cedar bedding has a lot of dust which the birds will breathe.  Cedar boards will not have this dust, so like I say the risk in my opinion is minimal.  If you are concerned about it, I would seal the inside with a clear urethane, which should remove any concerns about using cedar.   The urethane will also help protect and weatherize it even more.

Nesting Boxes

The nesting boxes seem adequate sized.  There is a partition between the boxes that can be removed so you have one large box if you like.   The hardware that holds this closed seems small and inadequate , so you may want to take a trip to the hardware store to update this to a larger more secure hasp/

Pawhut Deluxe Wood Chicken Coop  Hen House Review

Dropping Tray

Has a large dropping trap that pulls out.  Looks like it will serve it’s purpose well, the only concern I have is how well it will hold up as it is made of wood.  I would make sure to keep straw in the coop at all times to help absorb the fluid from the litter so it will not soak in the wood.

Pawhut Deluxe Wood Chicken Coop  Hen House reviews


  • Solid wood construction with weather resistant cedar
  • Sliding clean out pan for easy cleaning
  • Sized for 2-4 chickens
  • Hinged nesting box
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to move with handles
  • Large access door



  • no composite roof
  • Directions are minimal
  • Nesting box hardware needs to be more secure
  • Very small coop
  • Dropping trap is wood



The Pawhut Deluxe Wood Chicken Coop is a well made coop.  Made out of cedar it should last longer than other wood coops.    It is a small coop, so it will work with 2-4 chickens.  It should also work well for a brooding house, or an isolation house for a sick chicken.  It goes together faster than most kit built coops and assembly is fast with only a screwdriver needed for tools.   The price point of this model is lower than comparable coops so that could be helpful to those on a budget.

Pawhut Deluxe Wood Chicken Coop  Hen House Reviews

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