Mini Advance Incubator Set

Mini Advance Incubator Set

Which set is the best?  Which one offers the best value?   How much will it cost? Does it have everything I need? It would be hard to go wrong with a Mini Advance Incubator Set for the classroom or the hobby farm.   However, does The Mini Advance incubator set have everything you need?


The Mini Advance Incubator, Brooder, Candler & Egg-tray Set is for those who want a package deal with needed items to start incubating.

Mini Advance Incubator set, Brooder, Candler & Egg-tray Set

The most important item of any incubator set is the egg incubator.  If the incubator is sub standard, then the other items of the set will make little difference.  Featured in this set is the highly rated Brinsea Mini Advance.   As the name implies, it is a smaller egg incubator able to hatch 7-12 eggs depending on the size.  However, what it lacks in size it makes up for in features. This set includes both a 7 egg ring and a 12 egg ring to hatch most egg sizes.   Having the 12 egg ring included standard is a 20.00 value.   You can see our full Brinsea Mini Advance egg incubator review at the link below.

Brinsea Mini Advance Egg Incubator with Automatic Egg Turning

Mini Advance Incubator set, Brooder, Candler & Egg-tray Set

Egg scope

  • Brinsea Ovascope Egg Viewer can be bought as an add on to use with another incubator for around 75.00 however it is included in this set for no extra fee.
  • There is no heat to damage the embryo.
  • No need to darken the room which is a nice feature for the classroom or otherwise.
  • It can also be used with a webcam for easy viewing on the computer.
  • It has a bright high intensity LED light
  • There is no bulbs to replace
  • Battery powered for cord free convenience.
  • For any egg size from the very small to the very large goose egg

Mini Advance Incubator set, Brooder, Candler & Egg-tray Set


The high intensity light works well with white and lighter colored eggs.  Very dark colored eggs it did not often have enough light to see inside.  Very dark eggs like Marans are hard to see through with any candler.  But for the light and tan colored eggs, it is hard to beat.  Overall it seemed to perform as intended, especially for the lighter colored eggs.


Chick Brooder

Mini Advance Incubator set, Brooder, Candler & Egg-tray Set

Brinsea EcoGlow Brooder is sold separately for about $80.00 to use with any incubator, so it is nice that it is included with this set

  • Very energy efficient.  Typical brooders are 250 watts, this unit only uses about 14 watts which will save you a lot.  Brooders are on 24 hrs a day, so the savings could really add up.  It would be worth buying this unit for the energy savings alone.
  • Will handle about 20 chicks
  • Warms by radiant heat so ambient temp needs to be about 50 or more for it to be warm enough.
  • Low risk of fire.
  • Legs being adjustable, it grows with your chicks.

Bad Points

  • After about a week the chicks will learn to hop on top, which can get the brooder kind of messy from the droppings.
  • Legs seem to be a little cheaply made [however if you hatch 6-8 times, you will pay for the brooder in energy savings alone]
  • Does not warm enough if outside temperatures are low

Overall this brooder seems like it will do the job it is intended to do and do it at a substantial energy savings.

Overall this is a nice set that will get you going.  It does not have a chick enclosure that some of them have, however the chick enclosures on a lot of these have a lot to be desired.  So not having that is not a major drawback.   It is also missing the feeders and drinkers. Chicken feeders and drinkers are relatively inexpensive, so that is not a deal breaker either.

The verdict?

The Mini Advance Incubator Set  is a nice set that has all the major items you need to get started.  Be sure to get an enclosure ready before they hatch and also have a feeder and drinker lined up.  If you want it all as one set, then the
Brinsea Mini Advance Class set may be more appropriate and provide better value as it includes the enclosure, drinker and feeder as well as instruction CD-ROM and Incubation disinfectant concentrate.

Mini Advance Incubator, Brooder, Candler & Egg-tray Set


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