Little Giant Egg Incubator Kit Review

Little Giant Egg Incubator & Brooder Kit 

little giant egg incubator

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The Little Giant Egg Incubator kit is a complete system for egg incubation and brooding.

Includes many needed items

  • Fan kit
  • two 4×8 inch viewing windows
  • Solid state thermostat control
  • Egg turner
  • Digital thermostat
  • Incubright egg candler
  • Feeder and water-er kit
  • bird feed
  • brooder kit

The Little Giant’s electronic thermostat seems to be better than the Hova Bator’s outdated bi-metal thermostat. Made of durable Styrofoam to help retain warmth and keep a constant temperature. Incubators feature two 4 in x 8 in viewing windows-ideal for educational purposes-and solid state thermostat control, thermometer and moisture rings. This deluxe model includes a circulated air fan kit. The easy to install fan kit improves egg hatching conditions by circulating a constant flow of warm air throughout the incubator. Helps maintain a constant temp of 99.5 degrees F

New & Improved Easy to Install Circulated Air Fan Kit 


The Little Giant egg incubator has a included fan that solves a lot of the problems that happen with a still air incubator.  Making it a circulated air model.   Why is this important?   At any given time the temp in a still air incubator can vary by up to 5 degrees from the top and bottom and from the center to the corners? You also get variation from the thermostat cycling the heating unit when it turns on and off. This temperature fluctuation can have a big impact on your hatch rates. Heat rises, so you need to circulate the hot air from the hot spots to the cool spots for a uniform and consistent temp and better hatching results. The more the air stays the same throughout the incubator, the better your hatch rates will be.

Little Giant Egg Turner 6300

egg turner

The little giant egg incubator includes an egg turner that will turn your eggs 6 times a day.  Imagine if you had to do this by hand.  Heat, humidity, and egg turning are the 3 most important things in incubation.  So for great hatches this is must.  The egg turner works well.  Being dishwasher safe is a plus too, for those mishaps and broken eggs.

Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer with MIN/MAX Memory with AAA Battery


Little Giant Egg Incubator includes digital thermometer and hygrometer so you know at all times what is going on.  This is a great asset. Sometimes the internal thermostat can be off by a few degrees.  This will help you to be sure

IncuBright Egg Candler


The Incu-Bright was designed with ease of use and affordability in mind. 6 super cool LED lights illuminate your eggs for easy viewing without cooking them. The soft rubber and plastic edges protect your eggs from damage and create a tight seal around the egg.

Brooder Kit


The Little Giant egg incubator kit includes a brooder and feeders.

The Brooder Kit is simple to set up and simple to use. With the Brooder Kit and the Feeder/Waterer Kit you will have everything you need to take care of your flock of birds.  No more frantic searching trying to find the right stuff once they hatch.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Adjustable Tripod Heater Stand
  • 1 – 250 Watt Brooder Lamp
  • 1 – 250 Watt InfraRed Heat Bulb
  • 1 – 8 Foot Long Containment Wall (Makes 30.5″ Playpen for new birds (12″ Tall)
  • 1 – Set of Brooding Instructions

Pros:  The Little Giant egg incubator is a complete system to get you started.  Basically all you need to do is add eggs and start incubating.  The included brooder does an adequate job and gives you someplace to put your chicks after they hatch.

Cons:  I still don’t like the Styrofoam incubators because of being hard to clean.  Installing the fan is pretty easy, but I think it should already be installed.  Having to install it your self makes it feel like an after thought.  You can see the eggs through the top, however across the room visibility is very limited.

The Little Giant Egg Incubator earns 5 stars   There is a few issues, but overall this incubator should do the job for most people.  And the included brooder is a huge plus.

Little Giant 9300 Ultimate Egg Incubator & Brooder Combo Kit

Price: $198.00

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8 thoughts on “Little Giant Egg Incubator Kit Review

  1. Does this Incubator automatically change the humidity level or do you have to by adding water to it or something? I’m trying to find a good incubator for a beginner. I’m new to Incubating chicks; i usually just order them.

  2. I am not happy with my incubator temp drops all the time thermostat doesn’t read right the one that came with the incubator and 3 days before hatch time the thing stopped working! I will find out in a few days if all 26 of my chicken eggs are a complete loss due to the little giant!!!!!

    • I am sorry you are having problems. Temp control can sometimes be a problem in Styrofoam based incubators with solid state controls. Also, if the incubator is not in a controlled environment, that can cause wide variations in the temperature. Digital thermostats that are in units like the Brinseaa Octagon 20 Advance are much more accurate. Hopefully you will not lose your eggs.

      • Ok update turns out we haven’t lost all the babies its day 21 no babies yet but movement in the eggs!Turns out I just got a bad incubator the store was more than happy to replace it!

        • Great to hear you did not lose them. It is also wonderful to hear that Little Giant will stand behind their product. Hopefully all will go well with the hatch. It won’t be long now 😉

  3. Update we got the new incubator got it to the right temp. The next morning some of the eggs start quivering so im thinking great , tomorrow will be hatch day ! Wrong not now the incubators sits turned on and we are at day 26 total loss im taking them out to day and cracking them open to see whats going on in the eggs were some of them not fertile, did some die in the early stage,and did some die due to a incubator going out 2 days before hatch time:( I just want to know if my little ones died in the egg because I candled some of them the day the incubator went out and there was movement in the egg! I will give it one more try them im done with it and taking it back to the store. If little giant stands behind there product what will the company do about this? I wasn’t expecting every egg to hatch but with 36 eggs I was hoping half would hatch.

    • I am sorry to hear they did not hatch. Probably the interruption in incubating is the culprit. Hopefully your next batch will go to the end of the cycle with no problems.

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