Hova-Bator Egg Incubator 1602N Thermal Air

Hova-Bator Egg Incubator 1602N Thermal Air

Hova-Bator Egg Incubator 1602N Thermal Air

Hova-Bator Egg Incubator 1602N Thermal Air is an entry level egg incubater made by G.Q.F.   This model has no fan, but uses thermal action [heat rises] to keep the temperature correct.  Your hatch rates will not be as good as models with a fan, however it is an entry level incubator that is very reasonable to get you started.

Hova-Bator Egg Incubator 1602N Thermal Air

Invented by G.Q.F. Manufacturing Co. over 30 years ago, the Hova-Bator is still the WORLD’S BEST SMALL INCUBATOR and the THERMAL AIR FLOW MODEL, is the most economical incubator available.

Hova-Bator Egg Incubator 1602N Thermal Air has a radiant heat tube that gently warms the inside of the incubator, the air and eggs. Thermal action of the heated air flowing out of the exhaust vents in the top of the incubator, draws fresh air in through the bottom vent. This thermal air flow also assists the drying of the chicks after they hatch. This design includes two small windows on top for viewing. The wafer thermostat is proven, accurate technology that produces great hatch results.

“My Hova Bator has done a fabulous job on hatching my chicken eggs.  Thanks


” for the money it is a great model, I would suggest adding fan for better hatch rates.”

Hova-Bator Egg Incubator 1602N Thermal Air  will do the job.  I would highly suggest as with all incubators you should do a practice run before using expensive eggs.  All incubators should be run for 24 hrs before use to make sure there is no issues.  Then you can do a dry run with cheap hatching eggs.  eBay is a good source for cheap hatching eggs. : )


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  1. I give up on using this unit to hatch my duck eggs. It doesn’t keep enough humidity and i have to help them out of the shell every timebecause they can’t turn. This is my fifth time trying to use this type of unit. I should have spent the money on a bettter one a long time ago. You get what you pay for I guess. If I didn’t know what I was doing this unit would be nothing but a death trap for my ducks. Had one that didn’t make it becasue I didn’t get to it in time. I’ll use the unit for an after hatch brooder but that’s about all it’s good for.

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