Lyon TurnX 6 Egg Incubator Review

Lyon TurnX 6 Egg Incubator Review

Lyon TurnX 6 Auto Turn Egg Incubator 

Lyon turnx

Technical Details

  • Auto egg turning
  • 18 egg capacity
  • Lyon quality
  • Best results – less mortality
  • CSA approved


The Lyon Turnx has Total Visibility Poly carbonate Dome Solid State Temperature Control Unique Humidity Control Total Visibility Poly carbonate Dome Automatic egg turning model Unique Air Flow Design CSA Approval


See the Eggs Hatch Best Results with Less Mortality This is a very  Reliable Small Incubator!   With hatching rates consistantly in 99-100 percent range.   This model is great for classroom instruction.

Bonus Brooder:

The top detaches from the bottom, so you can use the unit as a brooder.  You can purchase a clear brooder bottom for about 30.00.  This is nice so you do not have to have a separate brooder.

Lyon turnx

Optional turnx brooder attachment

We found that if you just sit it on some 2×4’s you can use it as a brooder without the attachment, but the attachment is well worth the investment.

The Lyon turnx is one of the more expensive table top models, however it holds the temperature very well and has an excellent hatching rate.  Employing state of the art functions, looks like it belongs in the laboratory instead of in the barn.   The larger expense is quickly made back in improved hatching rates.   This unit hatches a few eggs as well as it does full capacity hatches.

I find this unit very easy to clean, which is a very big plus for an incubator.   Adjustments to Incubation and humidity can be done from the outside without having to disturb the eggs.   Which is probably the reason for the high hatch rates.

Customer Reviews

“The Lyon turnx 6 incubator is giving us 100 percent hatch rates even on our very first try.  The turner seems to be a very good design.  I think the humidity control is what gives it such good hatch rates.  I would whole heartily recommend this egg incubator to anyone.?

The Lyon Turnx 6 is a nice incubator with very high hatch rates and excellent construction.   You have outside control of humidity and egg turning which makes for excellent hatches.   It is a little pricier than some other table top models, so it earned 4 stars on affordability.  However, with increased hatch rates and the ability to use it also as a brooder are both good reasons why we give this unit an overall rating of 5 stars.

  • Features         

  • Construction  

  • Affordability   

  • Hatch-ability    

  • Visibility         

Lyon TX6 Auto Turn Egg Incubator


4.1 out of 5 stars (3 customer reviews)

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