Egg Incubator Review: Genesis Hovabator 1588

Egg Incubator Review

Genesis Hovabator 1588  

Genesis Hovabator 1588 egg incubator

There is a wide range of table top incubators, many that look very similar in style and build. So what makes one model superior to others?
The Genesis Hova-Bator Model # 1588 is a very good choice for the hobbyist or home breeders.   This model seems to be a standard in embryology classes as it is highly recommended unit to teachers, pre-school directors or other small scale hatching projects.

Top Features:

  • Nesting top and bottom so does not take up much space when not being used.
  • It has a deep design to accommodate larger eggs
  • The design is not sharply squared for improved air circulation
  • Integrated fan and heater, which makes cleaning easier
  • Large viewing area, the window is very clear for high visibility
  • Preset temperature, so students and children are unable to change the temp
  • 42 chicken egg capacity

Once you unpack and put everything together, you let it stabilize the temp for 24 hrs.   After that you can get started.  Fill the water trays, put in the screen.   Then put the eggs in and start your hatch.

The temperature holds 99.8 degrees at a constant rate, with no need for adjustment for chicken eggs.   For other hatching eggs the incubator can be adjusted from the inside top of the unit.  Very detailed instructions are included on how to do this.

If you have ever lost power during a hatch, this next feature may be the top selling point of this unit.   The Genesis Hovabator is a 12v unit that uses an adaptor plugged into the wall to run off of regular house current.   Why is this important?   If the power is lost, you can clip it on any 12v battery.  From the car, lawn mower, snowmobile, etc.  Thus saving your hatch.  It also makes it very handy if you have to transport before your hatch is done as you can keep the incubator going in the car or truck.
Hovabator Genesis 1588
 This is a BIG Plus over other units.
Recommended Accessories
  •  Optional Auto Egg Turner 1611
    you don’t have to worry about being around at all times or forgetting to turn your eggs. It works on a 4 hour cycle.  Comes with 48 chicken egg capacity.
  • 12v adaptor is highly recommend as you never know if the power will be lost.

For the classroom, this is hands down the best incubator you can buy.   The main reason is the preset temperature.  You do not want to come back on Monday to find all your eggs cooked because little Freddie turned up the temp.   For proper class set up, please refer to the video below.

Customer Egg Incubator Reviews

“The Genesis is a great,  set and forget incubator as long as you get an egg turner.   I purchased two and I am getting very high hatch rates in the 90’s.  It has a large window on top so you can watch the hatch without interupting the heat or humidtiy in the unit.   The unit does a very good job.  It does seem to stay on the dry side.   I would recommend the Genesis to anyone who wants to get started hatching eggs”

The Gensis Hovabater 1588 incubator does the job well, having a hatch rate between 95 and 100%.   However, there is a few major drawbacks with this unit.

  • Construction:  Being made out of Styrofoam, I wonder how well it will hold up under long term use.  Styrofoam has a habit of degrading over time.  I would imagine that replacements can be purchased, but should you have to?  What about if the unit gets sat on and the Styrofoam breaks.  Most Styrofoam is also very flammable, so that may be a concern.  Styrofoam also has a cheap feel to it.  Not this unit in particular, but styrofoam in general. [think Styrofoam cup]            On construction I give it 3 stars.
  • Picture window:  it is true that it has a large picture window, but you have to look through the top.  Which in my opinion is not ideal.  You can not sit it on the counter and observe from a distance.  You must look down into the incubator.  I like to be able to see what is going on from the other side of the room.  Like the Brinsea octagon 20 you can see from the other side of the room.   The Genesis is lacking in this regard, So On visibility I give it 4 stars.
  • Affordability: it is more affordable than some others, however being made of styrofoam it should be.  4 stars on this one.

Hovabator has a large following and some will use no other incubator, it does have a high hatch rate.   For the hobby farmer this unit should work very well.   But because ot the concerns above I give it overall 4 stars  

  • Features         

  • Construction  

  • Affordability   

  • Hatch-ability    

  • Visibility         


This model has now been updated , please checkout our review of the new updated model that includes egg turner. New Advanced Model

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