Egg Incubator Review Brinsea Mini Advance Egg Incubator Automatic Egg Turning

Egg Incubator Reviews:

 Brinsea Mini Advance Egg Incubator with Automatic Egg Turning

egg incubator review Brinsea mini advance with egg turn


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 Brinsea Egg Incubator Reviews

 Below is the egg incubator in action.  A timelapse video of a chick hatching


As you may know temperature is very important when hatching eggs.  Not only temperature, but the ability to keep the temperature at a constant rate without fluctuations.  So chosing an incubator based on its ability to constantly monitor and adjust air temperature is a must if you want problem free hatching.  If the air temperature in the room is not constant and rises or falls too much it can cause problems with an your incubation.   The reason being some incubators can not adjust for wider ranges of temperatures, so the incubator can’t keep up.   One of the nice features on the Brinsea Mini Advance is it has an alarm that goes off when the incubator is unable to keep up.   This alerts you to make changes before there is a problem.  It also has an indicator to let you know it happened if you are not around to hear the beep.  Then you can candle the eggs and see if the chicks were harmed.    Then you do not have to wait the whole incubation period only to discover there was a problem.   Large see through dome: One of the main things I like about this model is it’s high visibility.  You are able to get a “birds eye” view of the complete hatching process without having to open the incubator.   You would be hard pressed to find one with more visibility.   The automatic egg turning uses a rotating floor so that the eggs are turned horizontally, much like a mother hen would roll her eggs, Many other models use a vertical rotating method.   This model in my opinion makes it much more like nature.

Incubation temperature, how fast they turn and how far they turn is all adjustable using the keypad on the top.  Once set, this unit is as close as you can get to set and forget.  The price is about the same as you would pay for a Styrofoam model like the Hova-bator Genesis, however this one being made of plastic is much, MUCH easier to clean.  And I think would last longer than a styrofoam model.   The biggest drawback of this model is the size.  Holding only 7 chicken eggs it is rather small.   This can be a plus or a minus.  If you do not need a larger one, it takes up much less counter space than a bigger model and should be more efficient to run.  You can get a 12 quail or pheasant insert if needed for an extra charge.

It Does beep before turning the eggs.  This is handy to know it is doing it’s job, however it can be annoying as you can not sleep in the same room with it as it will keep waking you up.

This model is also available in a EX version the Brinsea Mini Advance EX Incubator that has humidity control for valuable eggs such as the parrot.   However the standard version works very well for chickens and other common fowl with hatching rates approaching 100%

This model is perfect for education and it is just plain fun watching the eggs hatch, something I will never tire of.

We give this model 5 stars in every category, it is a neat little incubator.   As noted above the only drawback was the size.

Customer Reviews:

I am really glad I went with the auto egg turning model incubator as turning eggs every 4 hours for 21 days can be a real hassle.  You can lose the whole batch if you forget.


I am not an experienced farmer or anything like that, I just bought this on impulse as I thought it would be neat. I received some eggs and after much research I decided this would be the best model.  It tracks the temp and helps you to keep the humidity at the optimum level.  All my eggs hatched except one, not too bad for the first time.  I kept the unit in my sleeping room and it was pretty quiet.  It does beep when turning the eggs, however it is not very bothersome and let me know that the unit was still working.  I would purchase this unit again.

Brinsea Mini Advance Hatching Egg Incubator

Price: $249.65

4.2 out of 5 stars (310 customer reviews)

4 used & new available from $237.93

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