Commercial Egg Incubator Brinsea Ova-Easy 380

Commercial Egg Incubator: Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 Cabinet

Commercial Egg Incubator Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 Cabinet

Commercial Egg Incubator: Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 Cabinet

The Brinsea 380 commercial egg incubator is for serious hatchers.  Bridging the gap between full commercial and hobby incubators, the Brinsea 380 is no toy.


Ova-Easy selection of egg incubators are intended to offer the very best operation at pretty affordable selling prices. Just about every element in the design and style has long been reviewed using this type of objective in mind to make certain that no other incubator offered can provide you lots of healthy chicks for so little money. Ova-Easy cabinet incubators are equipped in flat-pack, simple to assemble in an hour. Fifty percent the size and body weight to ship and handle than comparable egg incubators.



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Product Description

Brinsea’s popular Ova-Easy Cabinet Incubator range just got better! The Ova-Easy 380 Advance are high capacity and high performance – designed for breeders needing to hatch substantial numbers of eggs. Ova-Easy Advance egg incubators are fitted with Brinsea’s proven digital control system which provide a range of useful and easy-to-use extra features like humidity readout and temperature alarms. Both sizes are easily upgraded to EX specification providing fully automatic humidity control. Additional improvements to construction of the door and fascia make the OvaEasy 190 Advance and 380 Advance the best value cabinet incubators available. High performance, flexible egg incubator with integral hatcher Large capacity – 380 model: 384 chicken eggs (including 96 in integral hatching tray), 190 model: 192 chicken eggs (including 48 in integral hatching tray) Flexible egg handling to suit a wide range of egg sizes Programmable turning Clear, double-glazed observation door Energy efficient, insulated cabinet ‘Advance’ digital control system – temperature and humidity readout and menu driven options Unique ‘laminar airflow’ to eliminate cold spots. Free 2 year guarantee with manufacturer


• Easy-assembly, flat-pack construction
 Large capacity380 model: 384 hens eggs (including 96 in integral hatching tray)
• All electrics factory assembled and tested
 • High performance, flexible incubator with integral hatcher.
• Large capacity, e.g. 384 hens eggs (including 96 integral hatching tray)
• Flexible egg handling to suit a wide range of egg sizes
 • Fully Automatic turning
• Clear, double-glazed observation door
• Sturdy metal frame, energy efficient, insulated cabinet
• High performance temperature control with digital temperature display
• Unique ‘laminar airflow’ to eliminate cold spots.

Performance and ease of use

Four smaller fans blowing air in laminar flow around the egg chamber offer much better temperature distribution than just one, large overpowering fan. This approach, coupled with the higher ranges of insulation imply that temperature is incredibly evenly distributed all through the egg chamber, making certain great hatch rates, time after time.


Eggs are held in removable trays and the user can configure their incubator to their needs by the choice of trays available. Universal trays are adjustable for egg size from quail through to goose eggs and are supplied as standard. For maximum capacity of a certain species, egg inserts are available separately for hens, pheasant and quail.
Eggs are initially set in three levels and are then moved to a large, removable hatching tray at the base of the chamber for the final stages of incubation and hatching. An optional wire hatching tray cover is available to prevent the chicks escaping from the tray.

The convenient control panel allows the user to adjust the temperature, humidity/ventilation and turning easily. Temperature is shown on a calibrated digital display on the front of the panel and can be finely adjusted with the 20 turn spindle.The fully automatic turning can be switched off from the control panel while the eggs are being accessed or the incubator cleaned.
Construction – flat-pack, durable, energy efficient
The Ova-Easy incubators have a fully protected steel chassis which is rigid and rust resistant with laminated high density polystyrene sides providing good thermal insulation and a smooth, easy to clean surface. The transparent, double glazed door provides thermal insulation plus the convenience of total visibility of eggs and hatching chicks.
The incubator is supplied as a part assembly with the cabinet frame, wall panels and egg turning parts to be assembled by the user. No special technical knowledge or tools are required and all electrical parts are all pre-assembled leaving the user to construct the cabinet following the clear diagrams.

Other reviews:

I only give high marks on an item whne I want to remove all doubt for the purchaser that this is a good investment.   This is a purchase that you will not regret.  A good incubator will pay for itself over and over with greater hatches.  I have several other incubators that work well, but nothing compares to this.  Smaller units often have problems with humidity which causes less than perfect hatches.  This unit solves all those problems.   This is truly really a professional unit.   I am so glad I purchased this.  This is how the big boys do it : )


Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 Cabinet Incubator

Price: $1,899.90

4.4 out of 5 stars (3 customer reviews)

2 used & new available from $1,899.90


Don’t need one quite so big?  This fine commercial egg incubator is available in a smaller version as well called the 190


Brinsea Ova-Easy 190 Advance Cabinet Incubator

Price: $1,425.99

(0 customer reviews)

2 used & new available from $1,425.99

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