Classroom Incubator: Octagon 20 Package

Classroom Incubator: Octagon 20 Package with Fertile Chicken Eggs

Classroom Incubator: Octagon 20 Package with Fertile Chicken Eggs is a great package to show embryology in your classroom.  Everything needed is contained in this easy to purchase package.

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Included in this classroom incubator package is:

  • The Egg Story lesson plan and CD-ROM.
  • Octagon 20 digital incubator with fully automatic egg turning.
  • 12 fertile chicken eggs.
  • wet and dry bulb thermometers for measuring humidity.
  • Egg-Lume candling lamp to watch embryo development.
  • brooder module.
  • plastic chick enclosure.
  • 10″ feed trough.
  • 1-qt drinker.
  • full operating and troubleshooting instructions.

You can see our full Octagon 20 Review here 

The Octagon 20 earned our 5 star rating and should offer trouble free classroom incubation.

This classroom incubator is ready to use right out of the box.  Just add water, add the eggs and start incubating.  It can not get any easier than this.

“This Incubator is simply amazing.  With an automatic egg turner it will make you a pro in no time.  It is so automatic that all we had to do is add water and we would have a perfect hatch almost every time.   The top makes it easy to see what is going on inside, so you can watch them as they hatch.  It is so much fun watching the life cycle of chicks.  Very educational too… “


           “Brinsea Octagon 20 ECO Auto Turn Egg Incubator.

You can find many cheaper incubators, like they styrofoam models, however I chose to go for something of better construction.  I was not disappointed as this unit fills my needs perfectly.  Just put the eggs in, add water and wait for the hatch!”

The Octagon 20 Classroom Incubator Pack provides everything you need to incubate plus a detailed lesson plan, manual, and CD-ROM. The components are easy to set up and require very minimal assembly. Brinsea’s Omnitherm™ round heating system of printed bar elements provides safe, even heat ensuring the product is safe to use with children of all ages.
The incubator (holds, about 24 chicken eggs) can accommodate eggs of all sizes up to goose eggs without any additional accessories or internal moving parts that could injure chicks.
Made of tough plastic for easy cleaning and durability, the incubator and brooder offer excellent visibility and minimal heat loss.

The classroom pack comes in a sturdy, reusable storage box. So storage from one year to the next is very easy to do.   With this system it is no longer “I forgot to buy this or that” as everything you need is included.

Kit includes a coupon for prepaid delivery of 12 chicken eggs.

Brinsea Octagon 20 Classroom Egg Incubation and Embryology System


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