Chicken Incubators: Manual or Auto Turn

Chicken Incubators

Chicken incubators: Manual or auto turn

So you decided on hatching chickens?  I think it is a very good choice to get started on your hobby farm.   Now what should you look for in an chicken incubators?   There are so many to choose from.  They come in many shapes and sizes it can get confusing to know which one to buy.

A few things to think about when buying chicken incubators

  • Do you like things to be hands on, even if more work?
  • Are you going to be around the house everyday all day for at least 21 days?
  • Do you enjoy following an hourly schedule and following a list everyday?

If you answered no to any of those questions, you may want to get a chicken egg incubator with an auto egg turn feature.  Otherwise you will have to turn the eggs several times a day.   This means you will have to be on a schedule and follow it for the duration of the hatch.  Besides constant heat and the right humidity, egg turning is the most important thing you can do to increase your hatch rate.  Why do eggs need to be turned so much?   Well imagine if you stayed in one position for 21 days, it would be painful and could even be damaging.  Think of those who are bed ridden, they have to be moved around to avoid getting sore and having problems.   Well it is the same with eggs.   The chick is developing and needs to move around a little so it will develop fully.  It also makes sure that the temperature is the same throughout the egg.  It also helps to keep the humidity the same throughout the entire egg, so turning is very important.

Chicken incubators with auto turn

Most people will miss turning several times throughout the hatch.  But chicken egg incubators are so much cheaper without the egg turn feature.   This is true, however you will soon make back the expense in increased hatch rates.  Which is something to think about.

I would recommend that most people get an auto egg turn model as it makes the process so much more fun.

There are many models of chicken egg incubators, however my favorite for the beginner is the Brinsea Mini advance with auto egg turning

It has a lot of great features to help the first time hatcher.

chicken incubators: brinsea mini advance egg incubator with egg turn

There are many other models that will work as well, and we review them for you on our review page Chicken egg incubators: many with auto turn

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