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Chicken Incubators: Manual or Auto Turn

Chicken Incubators

Chicken incubators: Manual or auto turn

So you decided on hatching chickens?  I think it is a very good choice to get started on your hobby farm.   Now what should you look for in an chicken incubators?   There are so many to choose from.  They come in many shapes and sizes it can get confusing to know which one to buy.

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Chicken Egg Incubators: DIY Dangers

 Chicken Egg Incubators: Can I Make My Own?   Should I?

One of the questions that always comes up, is “can I make my own chicken egg incubator?”  And the answer is, “yes , you certainly can make your own”

However, I would add to that, why would you want to?   I know the main reason would be cost savings.  However, I would not want to take the risk.   And here is why.

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Sexing Chicks: How do I know which is which

Sexing chicks can be achieved a couple of ways: 1) vent sexing or 2) feather sexing. Both ways have issues making it unacceptable for use by the small flock operator. Vent sexing relies on the visual recognition and the appearance of sexual body parts. Feather sexing is dependant on variations in feather attributes at hatch time. A short description of both methods is as follows.

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Best Classroom Egg Incubator

There are many egg incubator packages available that are specifically geared towards the classroom setting.  You can save a lot by purchasing a package deal that has this in mind.

The Best Classroom Egg Incubator will usually include in some for or another the following items:

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Plastic Chicken Coop Kits

A new concept in chicken coops.  Maintenance free plastic coops have many advantages over a wood coop.

No more splitting or warping boards, that what a plastic coop will give you.

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