Building Cheap Chicken Coops

Building Cheap Chicken Coops

There are quite a few different designs you could use when building cheap chicken coops.  However, one of the easiest to build is the hoop coop.  There are several ways to build a hoop coop, but one of the easiest and strongest is one built with cattle panels.  Cattle panels come in 16 foot lengths and are very sturdy, which makes for a strong movable coop.   The price for this coop should come in at about 200.00, however it will vary in different parts of the country.

building cheap chicken coops


Building Cheap Chicken Coops: Materials  and Tools Needed

Tools Needed

  • Hammer
  • Electric or battery screwdriver drill
  • Electric or battery saw
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers for hog rings
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

material list cheap chicken coops


 Build Cheap Chicken Coops: How to Videos


The Base Frame

Assembling the base frame and attaching the cattle panels is pretty easy and you can see the construction taking shape really fast.

The door can be made or you can reuse an old door you may have lying around.  Storm doors work real nice for this.   The video shows an aluminum door, however I feel a wood door would work much better as you can cut it size much easier than aluminum.   A door this size would be very easy to just make out of 2×4’s then wrap with fencing.  You could also frame it up, then put a storm window on the door to allow for ventilation on the hot days.

Adding the back and bracing

Adding the Wire

You can use chicken wire, however it will not be as secure as welded wire.  You can cover the whole coop with welded wire or only use welding wire on the bottom for extra protection and then chicken wire on top to save money.

Adding the Tarp

This is where the coop really begins to take shape.   The color of the tarp is up to you, just remember the darker the color the hotter it will be.   Being warmer is good in the winter and bad in the summer, so I would suggest a lighter color.

Adding the rope

By adding a rope to one or both ends you will be able to move around your coop.  And there you have it, a very cheap chicken tractor.

For detailed construction images you can click the image below


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