Brinsea Mini Advance EX

Brinsea Mini Advance EX

For those who need advanced humidity control the Brinsea Mini Advance EX delivers.

Featuring the highly rated Brinsea Mini Advance with egg turning features.

Brinsea Mini Advance EX


Don’t let its small size fool you. The Brinsea Mini Advance EX  is a sophisticated piece of equipment.   It is about as close as you can get to a set and forget incubator.

You can read our complete review of the incubator at the link below.

Brinsea Mini Advance Egg Incubator with Automatic Egg Turning 


Brinsea Mini Advance EX with humidity control

Adding humidity control takes care of that one missing element.  Humidity can make or brake your success at hatching.   With cheap chicken eggs it may not be worth the added expense to have humidity control.   However, with more expensive eggs like parrot it can make a word of difference.  Some exotic eggs need a more precise humidity control. The Brinsea Mini Advance EX can provide that control.

Adding Water

Adding water from the outside means you do not have to open the unit.   This helps to keep the incubator at the same temperature.  It also helps to limit the contamination that can be introduced by adding water.  Bacteria can be introduced to the eggs when you have to open the unit.  Adding humidity from the outside prevents this from happening.   Topping off the reservoir is very easy to do.   The reservoir is made of clear plastic so the water levels are easy to see from across the room.

Classroom Incubation

The Brinsea Mini Advance EX is a perfect solution for the classroom setting.  The unit will run Saturdays and Sundays with no intervention.

Mini Advance EX additional features
• Continuous readout of temperature and humidity.
• Accurate digital control of temperature and humidity.
• Fully programmable automatic egg turning making it ideal for parrot species.

Guidelines for incubation humidity levels:

RH During incubation:

Poultry 40-50%

Waterfowl 45-55%
Ratites 20-35%
Parrots 35-45%
Most Birds of Prey 40-45%
(Thin shelled – Merlins, Kestrels, Owls) 50%

Hatching All species 65% RH or more

With a 2 year warranty it would be hard to go wrong with this model.

Mini Advance Ex Fully Automatic Incubator

Price: $457.83

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It pays to shop around though.  I found the same model listed below for about 75.00 less.

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