Brinsea ECO Mini Egg Incubator

Brinsea ECO Mini Egg Incubator

Brinsea ECO Mini Egg Incubator

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Brinsea ECO Mini Egg Incubator

Brinsea ECO Mini Egg Incubator holds 10 hens eggs (or equal) and provides the fine temperature control to make sure you have consistent and reliable hatches. Temperature is monitored on a objective built liquid-in-glass thermometer and although factory set, the digital temperature manager enables fine tuning of the temperature setting if needed.

  • Brinsea high quality at a very low cost!
  • 115 Volt 60 Hz Operation Enthusiast Assisted Airflow two Year Maker Guarantee
  • Top quality, high visibility
The Brinsea Mini incubator is a small, premium quality, low cost, egg incubator combining ease of use, overall performance and exceptional value. The Mini Eco retains ten hens eggs (or equivalent) and gives the fine temperature control to ensure constant and reliable hatches. Temperature is monitored on the goal developed liquid-in-glass thermometer and even though factory set, the electronic temperature handle allows fine tuning in the temperature setting if necessary. Humidity is provided for with central drinking water reservoir and the Mini Eco operates at very low voltage (from mains adapters equipped) for basic safety. The Brinsea Mini Eco incubator is designed to utilize for the schooling of children even though they’re not toys and should be employed only with grownup supervision. Maximum egg Capacities (approx) Quail 24 Pheasant 12 Hen 10 Duck 8
The Brinsea ECO Mini Egg Incubator is an entry level egg incubator from the fine folks at Brinsea.  Brinsea is a very well known brand and should give you years of service.  This entry level egg incubator lacks some of the bells and whistles of the more advanced models. Like egg turners and alarms.  Nevertheless for the price, it is a good way to get started incubating.  This model would work well in a home-school situation where you wanted to teach embryology with out the major expense of a large incubator.  Just be advised that you will need to turn the eggs by hand 2-3 times a day.  A good way to teach responsibility.
Other reviews for The Brinsea ECO Mini Egg Incubator
I am happy to have found this incubator. We hatched  some beautiful baby ducks with it.  Most of our eggs hatched, which is not bad for the first time. We turned our eggs several times a day which was fun to do.
The kid’s really enjoy the hands on experience. Setup was easy and the settings were easy to understand.  This is a great little incubator for the first time farmer. […]
I liked the small space it took up, it sat well on the counter.  I could see the eggs very well as they hatched.
We gave it 4 stars on construction for the lack of auto egg turning.
Generally below 100.00, you can get up to date pricing and customer reviews below

Brinsea Mini Eco Hatching Egg Incubator

Price: $99.99

3.3 out of 5 stars (65 customer reviews)

3 used & new available from $99.99

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