Best Classroom Egg Incubator

Best Classroom Egg Incubator

Best Classroom Egg Incubator

There are many egg incubator packages available that are specifically geared towards the classroom setting.  You can save a lot by purchasing a package deal that has this in mind.

The Best Classroom Egg Incubator will usually include in some for or another the following items:

  • Incubator
  • Egg scope
  • Chick brooder
  • Chick enclosure
  • Feeder
  • Drinker
  • Incubation disinfectant concentrate
  • CD ROM lesson plan
  • Instructions
  • List of fertile egg suppliers

One such solution is the:

Brinsea Products Complete Incubation Pack for Hatching 7 Chicks in The Classroom


Brinsea Octagon 20 Classroom Egg Incubation and Embryology System

These models have everything needed to have a hands on experience for students that is suitable for any age group.  Both the young and old will find embryology a fascinating subject, especially with this package set.    There are many things needed and most package sets include everything you will need from day one placing the eggs.  Until 14 days after hatch day.

What about a candler?  What type of candler will you need?   Cordless is best suitable for the classroom setting.  Also a way to project the images to a computer is very helpful in the classroom setting.

To ensure the best hatch the incubator will need an egg turner.  Turning eggs by hand is fun for students, but what about the weekends?  Most classroom egg incubators will have an automatic egg turner for the incubator.

Most classroom sets will also include a lesson plan that makes teaching it both fun and easy.   The best taught lessons are the ones that are fun to do.  But how do you know which package set is the Best Classroom Egg Incubator?

You can find our reviews of the best classroom package sets on our

Classroom Egg Incubator Review page

Here we compare the models and give the good points and the bad so you can make a decision on which will work best for your needs.

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