Hatching Eggs For Sale

Hatching Eggs For Sale

Hatching eggs for sale: Eggs are available to purchase online with guaranteed delivery.  Most arrive in 2-3 days to anywhere in the USA,  You can select your breed, or get a variety mix.  Types range from the very small quail egg, to the king of the hill ostrich eggs.   Hatcheries have had years of experience shipping eggs, so they know how to package for safe delivery.   They also will replace or refund eggs that do not make it, but from my experience most arrive no problem despite what the post office can throw at them.

Hatching Eggs On Amazon

Believe it or not, you can even purchase hatching eggs on Amazon.  What could be easier than that?

Currently they have 30 Fertile Cortunix Quail Hatching Eggs available.  However different breeds are available at different times of the year.

Hatching eggs for sale

Hatching eggs for sale

The California Hatchery has a wide selection of hatching eggs for sale.   They have a large selection of chicken breeds available as well as many other breeds.

  • Bantam Hatching eggs
  • Duck Hatching eggs
  • Pheasant Hatching eggs
  • Turkey Hatching eggs
  • Exotic Hatching eggs

You want to do something wild and exotic?  How about Emu or Ostrich hatching eggs?

ostrich egg for sale

ostrich egg for sale

At one time fertile ostrich eggs for hatching were almost impossible to get, however now through special breeding arrangements they are available and much cheaper than you would expect.  You can be the first breeder in your area to offer ostrich chicks or eggs.  Ostrich eggs are often blown clean and sterilized.  Once that is done, they make beautiful crafts from them that command premium prices.


Don’t want to go as big as an ostrich?  California Hatchery also has Emu Hatching eggs for sale.  As well as duck and turkey and many rare breeds of chickens.

The hatchery also has supplies  such as feed, incubators, brooders and just about anything you would need for raising poultry.

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